Make the common good
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Founded in 2019 by General (ret.) Wesley K. Clark, Renew America Together is an organization created in response to the increasing division in our country in an effort to bring folks back together.

Renew America Together is a 501 (c)(3) organization designed to promote and achieve greater common ground in America by reducing partisan division and gridlock. Our mission is to revitalize public and political discourse by teaching and promoting civics, citizenship and civility. Our primary programs are town hall events, civility training, and our flagship Civility Leadership Institute.





Are you ready to make an impact in your community?  Join a diverse class of participants in the 4th cohort of the Civility Leadership Institute.  This year-long leadership opportunity focuses on curriculums and trainings to create more civility in the country. Accepting applications now through March 31, 2024

Town Hall Sessions

Promoting civility one conversation at a time.

Renew America Together seeks to engage all segments of the population by hosting Town Hall style sessions with key political and economic leaders to discuss vital topics we are facing as a country.  


CLI Smaller

Renew America Together Announces Fourth Cohort for its Civility Leadership Institute

Media Literacy in the Classroom: an interview with Jennifer Agee

Media Literacy Part Three: Responding to Disinformation


Gen. Wesley K. Clark (ret.)

Board of Directors, Founder

Sec. Rodney Slater

Board of Directors, Chairman

Steven Eror

Board of Directors

Luther Lowe

Board of Directors

Mark Nichols

Board of Directors

Liz Sears Smith

Board of Directors

George Sykes

Board of Directors

Mary-Lee Smith

Executive Director

Rebecca Moll

Deputy Executive Director

Joey Ma

Ex-Officio Member, Board of Directors

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